Paper Poet

Yes, you can visit my studio!

I have recently moved my studio to Langley. Though I am still setting up and organizing my new location, I welcome visits and consultations, just give me a call to arrange it.

As you may know, I have always specialized in designing and making special event stationery with an extensive collection of specialty papers and envelopes for; weddings, birth announcements, showers, birthdays, award ceremonies – life’s celebrations.

You may also know that I offer sales of some of the supplies I use to manufacture my designs (papers, envelopes, ribbons) to you fellow artists and creatives. If you are also interested in creating prints of your designs or artwork, I love to collaborate! Give me a call, we can discuss what my collection of equipment is capable of!

ALSO – If you have experience with offset presses or letterpresses, give me a call, maybe we could work together.