What we do

Welcome to all things ink, paper and printing!

Print Shop

We are a small company making beautiful things for great people. We have 3 hand fed letterpresses, an offset printer and a great little digital press letting us cut, crease, stamp or print paper to our hearts’ content – to make your heart’s desire!

Affordable and flexible

Wedding invitations and stationery are what we are known for, what we love to do and what we have been doing since 1998! Our designs are inspired by our vintage presses, our appreciation for modern aesthetics, a thoughtful selection of papers and envelopes from around the world, and of course – by you. We provide styles that range from modern to rustic, vintage to classic and as always – Bespoke, offering a high degree of customization. So bring us your visions and inspirations and we will translate them into paper and ink.

Prefer DIY, let’s head over to the paper shop…

Paper Shop
We cater to the paper lover!

Yes, we have moved location and part of that change will be to bring our paper store on-line along with printable templates! In the meantime, if there is anything you need – please call and we can arrange it.


To the Trade
Graphic Designers and Print Shops

We wholesale decorative metallics (Stardream and Curious) in cardstocks, text weights and 5 envelope sizes!  We have just added new lines, matte and linen or felt textured to our envelope offerings – in stock and ready to ship. It is fast and easy to open an account!

Please call 604-517-1700, or email to askanexpert(at)paperpoet.ca for more info, we’d love the opportunity to introduce our product lines.